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“You can’t even begin to focus on managing the sudden wealth that death may have brought if you don’t first deal with the grief.”

What to Do After Becoming a Widow?

Life has just turned upside down and you don't know where to look. All your plans for the future have been altered due to the loss of your spouse. When everything seems hopeless, Quartz Financial is there to help guide you step-by-step through the hardest transition of your life. In a season of complete overwhelm, we can help you with the most important decisions that come next.

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A Widow Case Study

A Widow Case Study

Our book "Sudden Wealth... Blessing or Burden?" breaks down several cases of those that are left behind after a family death and how they can recover from a life-altering, tragic loss.

Here's a preview of the story MY ROCK:

"The same week of his 45th anniversary with his wife, Richard completed his first marathon at 60 years old.

Two weeks later, he suffered a fatal heart attack while on a short run. In his sudden absence, his wife Mary was left to pick up all the pieces, both emotional and financially…"

Best Book to Read for Widows

Best Book to Read for Widows

We believe so much in helping widows and offering them the resources that they need, emotionally and financially, that we wrote an entire book about it. 

If you are a recent widow or know someone in your life who could benefit from this, check out "Single... Not By Choice" by Shane Moore and David Rust.

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