Financial Planning in Austin, TX

Our Financial Planning Process

Our Financial Planning Process

Traditional Financial Planning May Not Be Enough for Wealthy Families

Financial planning for wealthy families joins together the essential elements identified in the Wealth Wheel and facilitates the development of a blueprint that can successfully align a family’s resources with their financial goals and helps identify risks and opportunities.

Our Financial Planning Suite of Services

Aspirational Planning


Capital Sufficiency Analysis

Charitable Planning

Complex Issue Mitigation

Estate & Trust Planning

Financial Planning

Insurance Planning

Privacy Planning

Sudden Wealth Planning

Team Formation & Coordination

Wealth Plan Development

Frequently Asked Questions During Financial Planning Process

Our clients typically come to us with a complex set of questions. They may be more interested in the timing and sources of distributions to fund their lifestyle and other financial goals. For example, many families’ financial plans address frequently asked questions such as:

  • How do we balance funds between family entities to maintain liquidity?

  • Can we live on investment earnings alone, or do we need to access principal?

  • Which assets do we tap first for our goals?

  • Can I gift to my children without negatively impacting my standard of living?

  • Which assets might be better to gift to my children or charity?

  • If I maintain my current level of spending, how much can I leave each of my children upon my death?

  • How do I protect my children from becoming 'Trust Fund Kids'?

  • What can I do to manage or mitigate income or estate taxes?

  • Is it feasible to form our own charitable foundation today?

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