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"The first rule of managing wealth should be to preserve the wealth. Understand that it is okay to go slow, to be conservative initially and, perhaps, always. It's okay to keep things simple. Do not become a prisoner to your wealth."

What to Do After Selling My Business?

For many entrepreneurs, this is the moment they have been waiting for. The contracts are signed and the hands are shaken - the business that they got off the ground has finally been valued and sold. But what now? Whether they're staying on with the company or off to new ventures, there are a lot of unknowns in this new stage. At Quartz Financial, we have decades of experience helping those who have sold their businesses handle their financial life during and following the transition.

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A Business Sale Case Study

A Business Sale Case Study

Our book "Sudden Wealth... Blessing or Burden?" breaks down several cases of windfalls through business sales, including the psychological impact as well as the financial.

Here's a preview of the story ROOTS:

"At 36-Years-Old, Nathan came into a lifechanging windfall after selling his gaming company, resulting in $18 million for him and his family.

But within a few years, the fortune had shrunk and Nathan quickly became a shell of himself...