Who We Serve: The Retiree

"The goal is to retire successfully in all areas of life. Retirement, like the other monumental phases and challenges, requires evaluation, experimentation and reevaluation."

What Do I Need to Think About Once Retired?

You've finally reached what many in today's society call "the finish line". But what is next? How do you know that you'll have enough money to get through the rest of your life? What does your life without work look like now? At Quartz Financial, we want to make sure that whatever stage of retirement you're at, new or seasoned, that you have a solid financial plan and resources available to you to make the most of this vital time of your life.

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A Retiree Case Study

A Retiree Case Study

Our book "Sudden Wealth... Blessing or Burden?" breaks down several case studies of retirees and the challenges they faced during this important transition in their life.

Here's a preview of the story GONE FISHING:

"James was fortunate enough to retire at 59 with dreams of buying a boat, taking European vacations and going on family fishing trips.

But when the market hit a downturn a few years in, he panicked and found himself selling all of his assets…"

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