Who We Serve: The Inheritor

"For some, the pain of how they acquired their wealth can be so complex and so emotionally devastating that the idea of coping with financial challenges at the same time is overwhelming, and too much to bear."

What Do I Need to Do Once I've Inherited Money?

An inheritance can be a double-edged sword. On the positive end, it can be a lump sum payment issued from the will of a loved one who has passed on. But with distributions of money through families, there is always the opportunity for drama and tension. If you've recently inherited money or expect to, Quartz Financial is here to help you clear all the hurdles that a sudden wealth situation can cause, both financially and personally.

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An Inheritance Case Study

An Inheritance Case Study

Our book "Sudden Wealth... Blessing or Burden?" breaks down several case studies of inheritors and how they handle the money and situations that have fallen upon them.

Here's a preview of the story THE SOUND OF SILENCE:

"After his father died, Bobby formed a special relationship with his grandfather, Bud. The two would spend loads of time together, especially fishing. 

But when Bud passed away, he only included Bobby and his cousins in his will, foregoing his own daughters. Now with $3 million in his account and family drama from his mom, Bobby doesn't know what to do..."