Sudden Wealth Life Event Videos

What is a Sudden Wealth Life Event? | Video Series

Sudden Wealth comes in many shapes and sizes, but are you still not sure exactly what it is?

In our video series, Shane Moore and David Rust break down the many ways that one can come into Sudden Wealth, plus several of the affects it can have on your life. Have you recently come into an inheritance, sold your business or even won the lottery? We've got it all covered in the videos below.

Sudden Wealth and Your Heirs

Sudden Wealth After An Inheritance

Sudden Wealth Though a Lottery Jackpot

Sudden Wealth After Selling Your Business

Sudden Wealth Following A Divorce

Emotional Challenges of Sudden Wealth

Sudden Wealth Is Driving Me Crazy

Sudden Wealth and Finding a CPA

Life Insurance After Sudden Wealth

The Role of a Giving Plan

Why Does Quartz Financial Specialize in Sudden Wealth?

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