Sudden Wealth...
The Workbook and Journal

Sudden Wealth… The Workbook and Journal was created in 2013 as a response to audiences we spoke to around the country who asked for a guidebook in the event that they weren’t able to work with a firm like ours. We found that this book can be a resource for any family. It actually is two books in one - a workbook and a journal!

Like in previous Sudden Wealth books, we’ve included comments to help alert you to potential risks and pitfalls or other concepts we’ve observed in our practice. It can become your financial diary and something that you certainly should share with the appropriate family members as a point of discussion.

Section One: The Workbook

the Workbook, is intended to be used as a guide to educate on the “what’s, when’s, why’s, and how’s of transitioning into your new wealth as well as helping you manage your wealth in the future. This section will provide much of the useful information originally provided in the applications section of our previous books. We added new worksheets and expanded others all designed to help you walk through the entire process from interview questionnaires to final wishes worksheets. We have also provided the detail to help you understand important considerations in making your personal decisions.

Section Two: The Journal

the Journal, is a unique addition to the Sudden Wealth Book Series. Specifically, the journal is intended to be used as a tool to help you gather important information related to your past financial decisions and your future financial wishes. Think of the journal as a pilot logbook. Just as a pilot can relive a flight from 10 years ago, you can turn back to time to recall your though process of decisions made years ago. Decisions on why you gave money to a certain charity. Or why you chose your wealth advisor or estate attorney. It will also be a go- to place to record a promise made to a relative for a special heirloom, or even to record a cherished family recipe.

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