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Sudden Wealth Center

What is Sudden Wealth?

Sudden wealth is anytime you are suddenly responsible for significantly more money than you've ever been responsible for before.

Sudden wealth is not just about winning the lottery. It is more common than most realize. Sudden wealth can be created as a result of many types of life events like retirement, inheritance, selling a business, legal and insurance settlements, bonuses, leases and royalties from oil and gas, corporate events, and even divorce. 

Quartz Financial understands the financial and emotional challenges of sudden wealth situations and we are committed to educating the public and financial services industry on this important aspect of wealth management. Our founders are national speakers and consultants to groups and individuals affected by sudden wealth life events. They have published four books and created the Sudden Wealth Center as a resource focused specifically on the unique issues of sudden wealth, with videos, blogs and more.


Sudden Wealth Books

Sudden Wealth…Blessing or Burden? is an expanded version of the first book. Included in this compilation are the original stories and applications, a new eighth story, a look at inheritance and the probate process and a psychological analysis of each story provided by family therapists Pam Monday and Dianne Arnett.

"For many sudden wealth recipients, we have found that understanding the emotional hurdles behind the sudden wealth situation can be just as important as the financial planning and applications," says Rust. "The insight that Dr. Pam Monday and Dianne Arnett bring to the psychological issues of sudden wealth are invaluable to helping sudden wealth recipients become not just financially healthy but emotionally healthy as well," adds Moore.

Sudden Wealth… The Workbook and Journal was created in 2013 as a response to audiences we spoke to around the country who asked for a guidebook in the event that they weren’t able to work with a firm like ours.  We found that this book can be a resource for any family.

It actually is two books in one.  Section one, the Workbook, is intended to be used as a guide to educate on the “what’s, when’s, why’s, and how’s of transitioning into your new wealth as well as helping you manage your wealth in the future.  This section will provide much of the useful information originally provided in the applications section of our previous books.  We added new worksheets and expanded others all designed to help you walk through the entire process from interview questionnaires to final wishes worksheets.  We have also provided the detail to help you understand important considerations in making your personal decisions. 

Section two, the Journal, is a unique addition to the Sudden Wealth Book Series.  Specifically, the journal is intended to be used as a tool to help you gather important information related to your past financial decisions and your future financial wishes.  Think of the journal as a pilot logbook.  Just as a pilot can relive a flight from 10 years ago, you can turn back to time to recall your though process of decisions made years ago.  Decisions on why you gave money to a certain charity.  Or why you chose your wealth advisor or estate attorney.  It will also be a go- to place to record a promise made to a relative for a special heirloom, or even to record a cherished family recipe.

Like in previous Sudden Wealth books, we’ve included comments to help alert you to potential risks and pitfalls or other concepts we’ve observed in our practice.  It can become your financial diary and something that you certainly should share with the appropriate family members as a point of discussion.

Single… Not by Choice is the first book that we’ve written that focuses on the emotional and financial challenges of one specific type of sudden wealth scenario—widows.  The book is a window into the lives of widows, and those who know them, love them, and advise them.  Inspired by the trials of women left widowed, this book shares their stories and gives the much needed and often overlooked perspective on the challenges of a widow’s journey.  Told through the interviews of widows, their children, and their attorneys and therapists, the book provides a clear picture of the difficult path they face and the ways that we can all help them to move forward.  Along with financial guidance designed to help secure their future, we explore the complex challenges that widows often face from both practical and emotional perspective, with ideas for more compassionate support by friends and family during this difficult transition.

Sudden Wealth Video Topics

Sudden Wealth Speaking

Based in Austin, Texas, authors and Quartz Founders David Rust and Shane Moore are specialists in Sudden Wealth. They have spent their professional lives guiding clients through these events and seen the profound effect sudden wealth has on individuals and their families. Rust and Moore speak nationally to community groups, industry conferences, and educational symposiums. They are well versed in national trends and can translate how these trends impact your organization and community. Examples of recent speaking topics include: 

  • Sudden Wealth: You and Your Community
  • Changing the Status Quo of Sudden Wealth Management
  • Financial & Psychological Challenges of Sudden Wealth
  • Life Insurance Applications for Sudden Wealth
  • Philanthropy & Sudden Wealth
  • Shale & You: Financial Management for Landowners
  • The Psychology of Sudden Wealth

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