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What is Sudden Wealth?

Sudden wealth is anytime you are suddenly responsible for significantly more money than you've ever been responsible for before.

Sudden wealth is not just about winning the lottery. It is more common than most realize. Sudden wealth can be created as a result of many types of life events like retirement, inheritance, selling a business, legal and insurance settlements, bonuses, leases and royalties from oil and gas, corporate events, and even divorce. 

Sudden Wealth Resources

Quartz Financial understands the financial and emotional challenges of sudden wealth situations, and we are committed to educating the public and financial services industry on this important aspect of wealth management. Our founders are national speakers and consultants to groups and individuals affected by sudden wealth life events. They have published four books and created the Sudden Wealth Center as a resource focused specifically on the unique issues of sudden wealth, with videos, blogs and more.

Sudden Wealth Book Series

Sudden Wealth... Blessing or Burden?

Sudden Wealth... Blessing or Burden?

A compilation of eight original sudden wealth stories and applications. Sudden Wealth... Blessing or Burden offers an inside look at inheritance and the probate process along with a psychological analysis of each story provided by family therapists Pam Monday and Dianne Arnett.


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Single... <br/>Not by Choice

Not by Choice

A look into the lives of widows, and those who know them, love them, and advise them. Inspired by the trials of women left suddenly widowed, this book shares their stories and gives the much-needed and often overlooked perspective on the challenges of a widow’s journey.


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Workbook &#38; <br/>Journal

Workbook &

Two books in one! The Workbook serves as an important guide to help sudden wealth recipients make better financial decisions. The Journal provides a “go-to place” to document every financial decision, asset, and final wish.


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Sudden Wealth Video Series

Sudden Wealth Speaking

Based in Austin, Texas, authors and Quartz Founders David Rust and Shane Moore are specialists in Sudden Wealth. They have spent their professional lives guiding clients through these events and seen the profound effect sudden wealth has on individuals and their families. Rust and Moore speak nationally to community groups, industry conferences, and educational symposiums. They are well versed in national trends and can translate how these trends impact your organization and community. Examples of recent speaking topics include:

  • Sudden Wealth: You and Your Community
  • Changing the Status Quo of Sudden Wealth Management
  • Financial & Psychological Challenges of Sudden Wealth
  • Life Insurance Applications for Sudden Wealth
  • Philanthropy & Sudden Wealth
  • Shale & You: Financial Management for Landowners
  • The Psychology of Sudden Wealth

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