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Are you just beginning your career? Maybe you are already an established individual or team looking to expand your offerings? Or possibly you are an accomplished professional considering your retirement options? Quartz Financial could be the answer you are looking for.

Based in Austin, Texas, we are a mature and growing comprehensive wealth management firm providing family office services to individuals and families of sudden wealth to generational wealth. We go beyond traditional investment management, advising our clients on all facets of their financial well-being.

Our back-office service provider, LPL Financial, custodies and services $1 trillion+ in client assets and employs 4,756 employees with offices in Austin, Boston, Fort Mill, and San Diego (12/31/2020). 

Our talent and acquisition strategy is simple. We do not recruit individuals for a position. Rather, we’ll develop the position for the person. Quality of character, ambition, a team-based attitude, and an owner’s mindset comes first and foremost. Below are just a few examples of potential employment opportunities and business options to consider.

Client Service & Operations

At the heart of any successful wealth management firm is a knowledgeable, experienced, and detail-oriented operations staff. Operations personnel tend to many day-to-day details from office administration to securities trading to complex client cash flow management. A solid foundation in investment and financial operations is a key to a successful, long-term career in wealth management.

Experienced operations professionals have many career choices. Some prefer to stay focused on the operations side as client service directors while some will excel as service advisors or producing advisors. In fact, some of the best advisors will point to their time in operations as a keystone to their success.

Wealth Advisor

With a solid foundation of operational experience, individuals with the ability and desire to identify and develop long-term client relationships can excel using their technical skills and knowledge to manage client portfolios, develop financial planning strategies, and coach and guide clients toward their financial and life goals.

Entry-level advisors generally have smaller clienteles and are in search of a positive, mentorship-based environment to develop and hone their skills. While mid-career or seasoned advisors, many with significant and established clientele are looking for efficiencies or expanded ways to better serve their complex, high-net worth clients.

Succession & Acquisitions

According to a recent J.D. Power report, “…the wealth management industry is facing a crisis.” They report that 20% of advisors are 65 or older. Another report by Natixis Global Asset Management states that over a quarter of advisors plan to sell, merge, retire, or simply leave the industry over the next three years. 87% of the advisors in this study linked continued success with an ability to demonstrate value beyond traditional investment management. The combination of increasing regulatory and operating costs with unrealistic client expectations are becoming too difficult.

We can combine our proven business model, specifically designed to cater to high-net worth clients in a cost-effective, efficient, and high-end manner with strong corporate relationships and capital availability to offer attractive acquisition, merge, breakaway, or retirement options.

Strategic Partnerships

Many of the top advisors in the industry have developed highly specialized and distinct businesses. It could be a corporate retirement plan specialist with deep expertise in employer sponsored benefit packages or a seasoned insurance specialist with valuable business owner relationships. With clients expecting and demanding more for less, the need for business efficiencies and synergies has rarely been greater.

A partnership with Quartz could be just what is needed to move to the next level. At the core of our business model, we are integrators and coordinators of all the wealth affairs of our clients. We thrive on identifying and developing business synergies and invite these professionals to explore opportunities with Quartz.

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