Picturing Wealth: No Surprises

You’re enjoying retirement after a long successful career...

You don’t want surprises, so you need a team of professionals to take care of your financial health.

Consider the case of Steve, a recently retired 63-year-old with his wife of 30 years, Jenny. Steve and Jenny have 3 grown sons 29, 26 and 23 years old.   A senior executive with the same company for 40 years, Steve decided to retire and explore things that he couldn’t do as a hard charging executive. Concerned about his wealth lasting through retirement and the next generation, they interviewed firms that offer family office services which provide a true team approach. He will rely on this team to handle all the hard work necessary to help them maintain his standard of living and plan for generational wealth transfer.

For wealthy retirees, that team typically includes a wealth manager, a CPA, an estate planning attorney, a property and casualty specialist along with a trusted banker to name a few. Each of these professionals use their experience working in tandem with each other to work toward his goal — no surprises. Now, no surprises doesn’t mean there won’t be changes or challenges to address over the next 20-30 years of his retirement, but with a solid team in place, he can turn to his team when changes or challenges arise.

Quartz Financial is a comprehensive wealth management firm providing Family Office Services for families like Steve and Jenny. As Wealth Strategists, we combine our specific disciplines of Financial Planning, Investment Management and Life insurance with the efforts of the full team to help clients preserve wealth across generations.

With their new team in place, Steve and Jenny are looking forward to doing the things they love, spending time with their sons and traveling. They have each taken up new hobbies and are excited about their future.

Examples and situations are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only. 

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You're enjoying retirement after a long successful career. You don't want surprises, so you need a team of professionals to take care of your financial health. We provide specific disciplines and coordinate the collaborative efforts of your team to help you enjoy your new freedom. That is where we come in.

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