Message from our Founders

In your search for a financial firm, you may get the feeling that they are all the same. In Quartz Financial, you have found a unique firm, one that operates differently than most wealth management firms you may know. “Family Office Services” offered through Quartz Financial are designed to allow us to function as your specialist for Capital Sufficiency Analysis and projections, Investment Management, and Life and Long- term care insurance, as well as coordinate with the specialists and services of the other disciplines typically needed by wealthy families. This approach is typically designed for families with investable assets of $150 million and up. The personalized Quartz process was created to provide these services efficiently and cost-effectively to clients with investable assets of $2 million or more.

In an ever-changing industry, many financial or “brokerage” firms have traditionally operated primarily as asset management firms. This leaves many wealthy families searching for more extensive financial guidance especially in the areas of sudden wealth or the passing torch of generational wealth. As Former JPMorgan advisors, we recognized this need and formed Quartz in 2007 to allow us to focus on all aspects of our clients’ financial well-being.

In the ensuing pages you will see exactly how the advisors at Quartz are single-mindedly focused on your financial health. These services are provided for a fee that is competitive with firms who typically only handle one area of your wealth. To maintain the highest possible service level for all clients, Quartz accepts a limited number of new families every year.

This comprehensive approach starts with understanding your personal goals and extrapolating those goals into financial projections through comprehensive financial planning tools and ongoing updates. We use this data specifically to create personalized investment plans backed by global resources. It is our responsibility to proactively coordinate regular updates convenient with your schedule.

As thought leaders in Sudden Wealth, the four books we have published confirms our belief that we must understand not only the financial challenges of wealthy families, but also the emotional and social challenges they may have. This experience revealed many things, one of them is that it is important for wealthy clients to have access to their advisors 7 days a week. This access is built into the Quartz client experience as we both personally are co-advisors for every client and respond to our clients 7 days a week.

After many years of working in senior positions for major banks, brokerage firms and life insurance companies, we developed a deep base of knowledge necessary for advising wealthy families. We also realized there was so much more we could do for wealthy families. By forming an independent firm, we work solely for our clients. No more regional and executive managers to report to. No more busy work to impress the shareholders.

A unique, comprehensive, exclusive firm based in Austin, Texas, currently utilizing the back-office compliance and technology services of LPL Financial, the largest independent broker dealer in the country*, Quartz Financial stands ready to help you and your family’s wealth remain a blessing, not a burden.

We thank you for your interest.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, 1996-2022, based on total revenue.

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