What does the road to recovery look like to YOU?

April 14, 2020

What does the road to recovery look like to YOU?  For many, the view from your home offices look similar and yet so different depending on your perspective.  What does the road to recovery from COVID-19 look like to someone with a loved one in the hospital, someone just being diagnosed with symptoms, or someone who was sick and is beginning to feel better?

What does the road to recovery look like to the car dealer, the hair- dresser, the restaurant owner?  How does it look for grocery stores, home office and home gym equipment providers, to the governors of each state?  What about the doctor, the nurse, the banker, the construction worker, the new retiree?

We are all fighting a similar battle against a common enemy, its effect on our daily lives, and the unknown of the economic fallout it may leave in its wake.  Perhaps never before in most of our lives have we experienced this magnitude of such broad uncertainty.

What does the road to recovery look like for you?  What will be your new norm?  Will you now regularly face time your parents or children whether they live in town or in another state?  Will you order groceries for delivery or pickup?  Will you shake a friend’s hand?  The road to recovery certainly has and will continue to pave new paths for many of us.

As investors, perhaps the word, “budgeting” will be viewed as an essential activity.  Maybe the idea of a financial plan that is regularly updated to meet long term goals will sound more appealing.  You’ll probably remember that investment strategies, while long term, can and should be tweaked, but not blown up due to fear, guessing, or market timing.  And maybe you’ll become immune to the effects of short- term volatility because in 2020 you saw it all!    

For Quartz, our new norm may not look all that different.  Staying in consistent contact with our clients won’t change.  We will still strive to keep investing costs as low as possible while following an investment strategy that compliments a long- term financial plan.  We will work hard every day and be forever grateful to those families who trust us with their financial health.

We hope to see each of you in person very soon!


To your financial and physical health,

David & Shane