Speaking of International Securities...

Speaking of International Securities...

May 26, 2021

As the senior operations associate at Quartz Financial, I often get the opportunity to help our clients transfer international securities held in international accounts. While wiring funds internationally or even transferring internationally held securities to accounts with Quartz may sound challenging, our processes allow us to make it feel less daunting. 

The key to an efficient transfer process is knowing the correct codes. Think of it this way, when you travel internationally, you need a passport, to complete international monetary transfers, you need a SWIFT/IBAN number. Does your financial advisor know the SWIFT/IBAN to complete your transfer request? 

International transfers are another reason Quartz is helping our families understand how we are trying to change the status quo of financial advice. If your advisory team doesn’t understand international transfers, perhaps you should consider becoming a member of the Quartz Family.