Picturing Wealth: Spending Time with My Family

April 03, 2018

Consider the case of Jack and Nina. Together they worked side by side to build a company that supported their family for years. Through much effort and sacrifice, their company, a beacon of the community, became attractive to larger companies. After several months of negotiation, their company was acquired for a very large sum of money. While the requirements of the buyout will dictate they stick around for a period in a limited capacity, their lives have changed both financially and psychologically. Financially they will now be able to do things that they dreamed of doing for years. With more time on their hands, they will be able to coordinate vacations around their two sons’ very busy schedules.

They realized, soon after the liquidity event, that the investment company they had been using wasn’t really set up to handle the comprehensive needs they now had. They needed a wealth advisor who had experience with strategies used for the ultra-wealthy. They needed a comprehensive estate plan, an experienced CPA, and help reviewing their new and increased liability needs. Most importantly they needed someone to help them find professionals with that experience and help in quarterbacking all these services—as it certainly wasn’t Jack and Nina’s expertise.

Quartz Financial offers Family Office Services. We take the responsibility for our clients’ financial health and often help clients create the necessary team of professionals. With one fee competitive for investment management alone, we also add many more services that wealthy families need. The Quartz mandate and processes are built to help selected families manage their wealth from sudden wealth to generational wealth.

After creating their new team and having a new plan in place, Jack and Nina are looking forward to their next journey, a 14- day trip with their sons in Alaska.