Of Course, We Care, But Specifics Please

Of Course, We Care, But Specifics Please

October 07, 2020

We met a lottery winner this week.  He was referred to us by his realtor SEVEN YEARS AGO!  Better late than never, right?   We will spare you the list of things that the first “advisor” should have done, recommended, or never thought was important to do for his client. We will leave those comments for another blog.   When we asked the lottery winner “why us, and why now, 7 years later”?   He said he remembered his realtor telling him that “we cared”.

Now we have heard the “wc” words often for the past 13 years.  We have never really felt the words are specific enough to explain our value proposition.  But since we keep hearing it, perhaps it is a good way to describe us, with a bit more clarity. 

Of course, we care.  You can’t be great in our business if you don’t deeply care about the well- being of your clients.  But what specifically do we care about?

We care enough to have spent the past 13 years honing a financial planning process specifically directed at sudden wealth recipients and the generational wealth that inevitably ensues, including not just the financial challenges, but the emotional challenges as well.   Our process is well documented; we’ve written four books on the topics.

We care enough to be directly or indirectly involved in any areas that will financially impact our clients. A key part of the trademarked wealth wheel process is in the importance of making sure our clients have current wills and updated estate plans.  Conducting Family Meetings ensures that the children of wealth learn to become smart and compassionate stewards of family resources. 

We care enough to have created an investment process that addresses both our client’s individual emotional risk comfort with their financial plan goals, current market conditions and tactical decisions.

We care enough to make sure that our clients understand the need and the options available for long term care insurance.  We also provide resources and context around funeral arrangements and final wishes.

I guess it is okay to tell people that Quartz Cares!  We also care about the people you care about.  If they want the same type of care you are receiving from Quartz, please forward this to them.  We would love to meet them.