Giving in Perspective

Giving in Perspective

July 10, 2020

Today’s #SuddenWealthSaturday explains why donating money is just one piece of the philanthropic puzzle. Our special guest is Dr. Alison Alter, District 10 representative on the Austin City Council and former independent philanthropic advisor, works with individuals and families to increase the effectiveness of their giving and improve their philanthropic experiences.

Today I want to encourage you to view philanthropy as involving your TIME, TALENT, and TREASURE.

You will get more joy out of investing your treasure when you also put in time and share your talent and networks on behalf of a cause close to your heart. Not coincidentally you also will find that you make more effective choices.

Let’s look briefly at each area:

TIME: If you spend time engaging you will learn important things like how competent and visionary the executive director, the leader of your cause, is. You will see for yourself what kind of impact is possible and develop relationships and knowledge that lead to informed choices.

TALENT: You likely have multiple talents to contribute. Perhaps you could photograph clients or help balance the accounts. Maybe you can design a website, mentor a child, plant a garden or fix up a home.  

TREASURE: Remember that you want to be selective who you share your treasure with. Take the time to set up a giving plan that reflects your values, your view of how change happens, and your favorite causes. Discuss your giving capacity with your wealth advisor on a regular basis.

Yes, there’ll be causes that demand only treasure and times when you have few hours to devote. But when you find a cause that you are passionate enough to engage with in all of these ways, you will receive the most joy from your giving and have your biggest impact.

Best wishes on your philanthropic journey.


- Dr. Alison Alter

District 10 representative on the Austin City Council

Former Independent Philanthropic Advisor


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