Who We Serve: The Lottery Winner

"Winning the lottery is like getting on a roller coaster! You're excited you are taking the ride, but there are so many unexpected twists and turns and it is a relief when the ride levels out!"

What to Do After Winning the Lottery?

When is comes to cases of sudden wealth, none are as shocking as hitting the lotto. With an influx of new capital and little experience of how to manage it, it often takes a helping hand for a lottery winner to transition into uncharted waters. At Quartz Financial, we are used to the questions and problems faced by recent lottery winners and are ready to tackle each step of your new life head on.

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A Lottery Winner Case Study

A Lottery Winner Case Study

Our book "Sudden Wealth... Blessing or Burden?" breaks down several cases of sudden wealth, like lottery winners, and the challenges they may face.

Here's a preview of the story LOOKS LIKE OUR LIVES ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE:

"The Hamilton‘s were your typical middle class family with one particular vice - they loved to play the lottery.

After years of playing, the wife, Susan, decided to stop after a job loss. But her husband, Chad, kept playing without her knowing.

It was a risky gamble, until one day when they finally hit big..."