Happy New Year from Quartz!

January 10, 2020

Dear Friends of Quartz,

Can you spare a couple of minutes?  Time, although scarce, is something you have graciously given us for over 12 years, and we appreciate it!

2020 is finally here and we are excited to start our 5th decade in the industry.  Working with families of great character never gets old and we are happy to invite 12 new families to join us this year.  Hopefully one of them is a family you know and care about!

The last year of the decade did not disappoint in the markets.  You would be hard pressed to find any research arms who predicted the type of year we just experienced.  With most indices far exceeding expectations, 2019 found us happy for our clients, as we maintained consistent principles to allocate assets globally, keep overall investment costs low, and stay vigilant to each clients’ personal financial plan.

A strengthened partnership with LPL Financial excites us as we utilize their improved capacity in advanced planning and technology, with highly competitive low administrative costs.  Our new marketing team started working with us in October and we expect great things from them.  With their help, we hope to see more of our unique content distributed more consistently around the country. Check out our refreshed website, www.QuartzFinancial.com and see if you can distinguish us from our baby pictures on the Team page.  Also, please visit and like our new Facebook and Twitter pages at facebook.com/quartzfinancial and Twitter.com/quartzfinancial.This is where you’ll find insight to the issues that are on the top of our minds.

Book #5—you knew it was coming!  As a direct response to those who experience a loss of a spouse and need guidance on what to do first and next, we will be creating A Financial Guide for Widows as a free download on our website.    

Out with the old decade and in with the new!  At Quartz our goal to change the status quo of financial advice continues.  Providing Family Office Services, taking responsibility for our clients’ financial health, keeping costs low, and being available to our clients 7 days a week isn’t new and won’t change.  We remain committed to building the most unique wealth management firm in Texas. 

Thank you for your support and Happy New Year!

 - David & Shane