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Our Focus Is On Our Clients

With years of experience developing and implementing wealth plans, we know how critical the first few months are to successful long-term wealth management. With that in mind, we utilize a specific wealth management progression.

Our Integrated Wealth Planning process begins with an introductory consultation where we discuss your primary financial concerns and review our specialized planning process. If an engagement is warranted, we will begin an onboarding process that is customized to your situation and designed to simplify your transition experience. We will facilitate asset transfers, develop your investment policy statement, gather important financial documents, and as needed, coordinate necessary outside advisor meetings. Your implementation will continue to evolve over the first 100 days as we work toward your ongoing formal wealth management cycle.

Establishing your relationship at Quartz Financial is easy. Following are common questions many clients face when considering a move to a new financial services firm. Libby Dawson, Private Client Services Associate provides these answers.‚Äč

Q: What is a Personal Financial Concierge?

One of the goals of Quartz is to provide first-class service that enables our clients to focus time on their families and business rather than day-to-day financial tasks. Our commitment to bring clarity and simplicity to our clients’ financial lives begins with the account opening and transfer process.

At first, the idea of starting a relationship with another financial firm can sound a little daunting – that’s where our Personal Financial Concierge service comes in to play. We take responsibility of the entire process from beginning to end and keep you informed along the way.

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Q: With several accounts at bank and brokerage firms, how complicated will it be to move these to Quartz?

Surprisingly, not complicated at all. Quartz takes care of all the details. Usually all that is required from the client are a few signatures. After reviewing your bank and brokerage account statements, we prepare and submit all necessary paperwork. Quartz will oversee the transfer activity to completion, audit for accuracy and keep you informed along the way.

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Q: How long does the transfer process normally take?

Quartz Financial, through its technology and service relationship with LPL Financial, utilizes a standardized transfer process that typically takes 7-10 days to complete.

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Q: Occasionally, it is convenient to transfer funds to and from bank checking and savings accounts. Can Quartz accommodate this?

Yes. During our initial meeting we will gather information about any services that you would like to maintain in similar fashion at Quartz Financial.

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Q: Does Quartz Financial have the ability to wire money?

Yes. Our Broker/Dealer LPL Financial can wire funds from client investment accounts to client bank account. For times when same day transfers are not needed, we also have the ability to electronically transfer funds between your bank accounts and your Quartz Account.

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Q: Can clients view accounts online?

Yes. From our home page at, clients access LPL Account view where they can view current holdings, activity and other features in a secure environment.

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Q: Does Quartz Financial have electronic bill pay capabilities?

Yes. Online Direct is one of the many features included with your online access.

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Q: Oftentimes, a family has a complicated tax structure and likes their CPA to stay apprised of portfolio activity. How can you accommodate this?

We encourage and fully support a coordinated approach to wealth management and we can arrange for a client’s CPA, or other interested parties, to receive statement copies automatically or upon client request.

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Q: So it’s fair to say a family moving from a large national bank or brokerage firm to Quartz Financial would not be missing account features?

While every investment firms and banks offer many of the same services, some are exclusive to that firm, and we would explore all the differences. But, clients moving to a private financial services firm such as Quartz should expect a much more personalized and tailored relationship complete with the technology and operational efficiency of a large firm, but provided in a close, family office environment—the way we believe it should be.

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