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Retirement Planning

Saving for Retirement

When do you need to begin saving for retirement? How much do you need to save? Where do you save? How do you select the best investments? These are all important questions and the answers can seem complicated.

At Quartz Financial, we utilize our experience and vast array of resources to design a tailored retirement plan for each of our clients to help them meet their financial goals.

Managing Retirement Income

Retirement increases certain portfolio risks, such as Market Loss and Inflation. And it brings a new dimension of risk to financial plans, including: Outliving Assets; Health Care Costs; and Inadequate Income for Surviving Spouse. The potential impact of risk changes over time and remedies to reduce one risk can increase another risk. While many retirees and their advisors simply change investment allocations and hope to not outlive assets, we take a different approach at Quartz Financial.

We’ve studied work done by leading industry authorities, academic research, and real world experience to get at the heart of the issues around retirement planning.

Based on what we learned, our retirement income approach incorporates:

  • Recognizing the differences between Essential Expenses (must-haves) and Lifestyle Expenses (like-to-haves) and identifying income gaps.

  • Creating a high degree of confidence that income for Essentials will be there.

  • Assets can be harvested over different stages of retirement and thus should be invested differently.

  • Financial risks faced in retirement can have a different impact over time and income strategies should reflect this.

If you are looking for more clarity around your Retirement Income Strategy, call us to schedule a private consultation.