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Investment Management

Investment Principles

We believe investors can achieve better long-term results through broad diversification utilizing a variety of investment tools. We also believe that an investment strategy should be designed to minimize investment fees and tax costs.

At Quartz Financial, we practice principles of prudent investing.

  • Take a long-term approach. Wealth is grown over time. Day-to-day market fluctuations should be viewed in context of an investment cycle of several years. Active management during cycles is essential—long-term does not mean ‘buy and forget’ or ‘buy and hope’.

  • Properly diversify portfolios. Diversification is a basic tenet of risk management. Without proper diversification, investment portfolios tend to exhibit excess volatility for a given expected return.

  • Avoid excessive costs. It is both reasonable and appropriate to minimize fees and expenses whenever possible, consistent with the investment strategy being implemented.

  • Acknowledge the effect of taxes. The Federal tax system is designed to reward long-term investors. Tax consequences must be considered within a client portfolio.

  • Remain fluid. A client’s life is fluid and, over time, new strategies and solutions will be introduced into the market, thus an investment philosophy needs to be flexible.

Investment Process

Our investment process is an integral component of an overall financial plan. The process is actively applied across four primary steps:

  1. Develop a Strategic View and Base Case. The first step in our investment process is based on academic research and empirical studies. With the help of LPL’s Research Analytics, we create strategic models.

  2. Form a Tactical Outlook and Apply Dynamic Tilts. Every client portfolio is different. With the help of our global financial partners, we use a combination of market-driven factors and client-driven factors to develop our dynamic adjustments.

  3. Construct the Portfolio. We utilize a core-satellite approach and identify best-in-breed investments through our comprehensive advisory platform with over 120 world-class money managers, 6,200 mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, individual bonds, and alternative investments.

  4. Conduct Periodic Reviews and Adjust. Our proprietary portfolio reporting and rebalancing technology allows us to analyze a client’s accounts separately and as a consolidated portfolio providing unique insight and considerations on asset location and other tax-management strategies.



Stock investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax or legal advice.