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Estate Planning

Wealth Structuring and Estate Planning are important components for effective, long-term wealth management, preservation, enhancement and asset transfer.

Potential Benefits of Wealth Structuring and Estate Planning:

  • Tax Efficiencies
  • Enhanced Financial Privacy and Avoidance of Probate
  • Limited Liability and Wealth Protection
  • Legacy and Business Succession Planning
  • Asset Consolidation and Management
  • Control, Flexibility, and Stability

Many trust options are available, including: Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts; Credit Shelter Trusts; Marital Trusts; Protection Trusts; Dynasty Trusts; Charitable Trusts; Special Needs Trusts; and Life Insurance Trusts.

Quartz Financial provides access to comprehensive and fully integrated trust administration services to our clients through The Private Trust Company, N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

The Private Trust Company provides trust administrative services for individual and family assets. Licensed in all 50 states under a national banking charter, the bank does not engage in any lending or deposit taking, therefore specializing solely in providing fiduciary services.

The Private Trust Company provides administrative services while acting as either:

  • Sole or Co-Trustee
  • Successor Trustee
  • Agent to the Trustee.

Investment management is delegated to Quartz Financial. We work with our clients’ legal and tax advisors, helping to coordinate and communicate the complete financial picture.

Trust services can help you consolidate and simplify your financial affairs while providing greater degrees of control and protection. Call us to discuss your estate planning and trust needs.